Keeping our celebration of 10 years going, we’d like to introduce Alissa P.’s story of how she pushed herself out of the comfort zone. In March of 2016, a motor vehicle accident left Alissa with a spinal cord injury between T12 and L1. Following the accident, Alissa struggled with fear. She was afraid of the […]

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Riley Greer, Neuro-Exercise Specialist at the Center of Recovery and Exercise (CORE), located north of Orlando, Florida. CORE is doing some amazing things – working to optimize the function, health, and independence of clients with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions. Their activity based neurorecovery program […]

April 2021 Newsletter

Apr 5, 2021

Innovation Station at CORE This Spring The CORE Team is dedicated to providing the latest rehabilitative technology to our clients and this month we are proud to offer Innovation Station!   During your upcoming sessions, your Neuro-Exercise Specialists may be incorporating the NX Pro, the Mieron Virtual Reality system or the Shakti Mat to enhance your workout. Dalkin […]


Keeping our 10 years celebration stories going, we’d like to introduce Melissa V. Her lead trainer, Annie, says that Melissa’s sassy, competitive attitude has helped push her to do her best each and every day. “She may not always love the exercises we suggest, but she is willing to try everything once,” says Annie. It […]

March 2021 Newsletter

Mar 3, 2021

2020 CORE Spirit Award Winner Each year the CORE team comes together to select one individual they feel embodies the CORE Spirit. This individual displays an unwavering determination and selfless commitment to CORE’s organization and values.  The votes have been tallied and the winner of the 2020 CORE Spirit Award is (drumroll please)…Nate Caro! Nate […]

CORE- spirit award 2021

Each year the CORE team comes together to select one individual they feel embodies the CORE Spirit. This individual displays an unwavering commitment and selfless determination to CORE’s organization and values. The tradition began in 2011, when CORE was founded, in honor of CORE Founder, Melodie Patton. Past recipients of the CORE Spirit Award have […]

February newsletter- header

Get More Out of Your CORE Experience You get a great workout during your activity-based training (ABT) sessions at CORE, but are you utilizing everything CORE has to offer to your advantage? We’ve got plenty available to supplement your program and help you achieve your goals. Relax & Recover: 30-minute percussor/graston/stretching session designed to increase range […]

smart goals

We’ve all been there in the beginning of the year, making resolutions and falling off track shortly after. According to a study at Scranton University, 81% of people don’t stick to their resolutions. Whether your goals are activity-based training-related, adaptive fitness-related, or just general life goals, we’re here to help set you up for success […]

Kory's story

In an effort to celebrate ten years of Moving Beyond Paralysis™, we’ll be sharing some inspirational stories of past and present clients that turned “I can’t” into “I can”, with someone new introduced each month. We’ll kick off this special celebration with one of CORE’s very first clients, Kory Wiita. His story is one shared […]


  A few months ago we gave you a glimpse into our pediatric activity-based training program with some parental insight. This month we’d like to go a little deeper into the differences between CORE’s activity-based training program and traditional therapy from a mother’s point of view with Misty and Kendall.  After a spinal cord stroke, […]

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