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Each year the CORE team comes together to select one individual they feel embodies the CORE Spirit. This individual displays an unwavering commitment and selfless determination to CORE’s organization and values. The tradition began in 2011, when CORE was founded, in honor of CORE Founder, Melodie Patton. Past recipients of the CORE Spirit Award have shown dedication to their recovery and worked hard to inspire others to work toward their own recovery goals.

In 2020 it was hard for most people to keep a positive mindset. After a two-month closure and much uncertainty, so many of you were eager to get back to your training routines. It was great to see the enthusiasm and that the CORE Spirit hadn’t been defeated. The team made a number of nominations, but one person’s perseverance and motivation set them apart from the other nominees.

The votes are in and the 2020 CORE Spirit Award winner is Nate Caro! Nate has been a part of the CORE program since 2019, and his commitment to recovery and inspiring that same commitment in others goes beyond the walls of CORE, making him the perfect candidate for this award. Nate never misses a day in the gym, working hard in one-on-one training sessions, as well as FIT classes. He’s competed in the Ability Games, Southern Sprints Rowing Competitions, and the Survival of the FITest. Outside of CORE, Nate can be found coaching CrossFit and sharing his story, updates on his recovery, and views of his day-to-day life on his YouTube channel, Nate’s Recovery Channel, in an effort to help others in situations similar to his own.


Thank you Nate, for keeping the CORE Spirit alive and sharing your passion and commitment for recovery with all of us! You truly are an inspiration to others! 

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