CORE Clients Visit From Around the World... You can too!


Whether you are visiting CORE from out of town or looking to boost your Activity Based Training, CORE’s Intensive Program is an option to provide you with even further program customization. Intensive Program participants have the opportunity to increase their training intensity to target specific goals and/or experience a high-volume activity-based training program over a short duration. CORE provides a multitude of options to customize and enhance your activity-based training experience by offering aquatic training sessions, outdoor hand cycle training, group fitness classes, and targeted range of motion and soft tissue mobilization sessions.   


In general, Intensive Programs require a minimum of a two week commitment of 12-15 activity-based training hours per week. Training hours may be split between morning and afternoon sessions to provide a break in between. Intensive Programs are planned well in advance of your actual visit to ensure every minute of your time at CORE is maximized. 


CORE is conveniently located north of Orlando, FL with a wide variety of lodging, dining, and entertainment resources nearby. A regular Intensive Program client who visits yearly from Ohio, Stormy, even refers to her time at CORE as her “CORE-cation!” 


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