Boost your recovery.

CORE sessions aim to be well-rounded, individualized and focus on a total body approach. Still, there are times when clients need extra, targeted work to improve the goals being set in the gym. The following Supplemental Services are now offered to enhance your recovery and achieve even more!

Relax and Recover

  • 30 minute sessions with a CORE Team Member
  • Utilize percussor, Graston and/or stretching techniques
  • Designed to increase range of motion, improve circulation, and provide targeted pain relief
  • Available to current clients and their caregivers
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Alter G

  • 30-60 minute self-guided sessions
  • Revolutionary treadmill with reduced gravity technology developed by NASA
  • Body weight support system allows for safe standing, closed-kinetic activities, and gait training
  • Improves neuromuscular control and activity and promotes brain plasticity
  • Enables higher workload and training intensity for cardiovascular health
  • Available to all
Alter G-image

Adaptive Pediatric Swim

  • 30 minute one on one sessions with Certified Water Safety Instructor and Aqua Specialist
  • Targeted instruction for children with neurological conditions¬†
  • Improves basic swimming skills, water safety, and comfortability
  • Indoor, heated therapeutic pool at CORE allows for year round learning
  • Harness system available for safe transitions in and out of pool
  • Available to all special needs children

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