Happy New Year Farewell 2021 and Hello 2022! The CORE Team cannot thank our amazing clients and your support systems enough for your commitment and dedication to our program. In 2021 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, and what a year it was! We are proud of the positive change, high energy, few challenges, […]

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This month we’d like to continue our 10 year anniversary celebration by sharing Sam’s story.    “Sam is the kind of guy who pushes himself everyday during training and does it with a smile on his face. He is motivated to gain as much independence as possible so he can travel the country in his […]

This post on the benefits of activity-based training and exercise for spinal cord injury patients is brought to you by Summer 2021 Intern, Jessica. Jessica was a wonderful intern over the summer and CORE appreciates her sharing what she learned about the benefits of exercise and activity-based training for individuals living with spinal cord injuries.  […]

This post on the benefits of functional electrical stimulation on stroke patients is brought to you by Spring 2021 Intern, Kevan. Kevan was a dedicated intern this semester and CORE appreciates him sharing what he learned about why we incorporate functional electrical stimulation for our stroke clients into their activity-based training programs. Not only is […]

Our 10 year celebration is still going, and this month we’d like to celebrate Melissa Ann. Malerie has been working with Melissa for 10 years, and had this to say about her: “Melissa is the text book example of taking a bad situation and turning into a positive light. She’s a spitfire of energy and […]

  Spirit Week 2021 Recap Thank you to everyone for making the last 10 years so special! We’ve seen so many great things since we opened in 2011, and look forward to seeing even more progress and growth in the next 10 years! Spirit Week was spectacular, and you all did not disappoint when it came […]

10 Years of Moving Beyond Paralysis™ It is crazy to think that CORE will celebrate 10 years of Moving Beyond Paralysis on August 11th! We began in a small room in a local gym with only two Neuro-Exercise specialists, one assistant, and a BIG mission to help an under served population fight for MORE. Seeing our clients achieve MORE recovery, health, independence, […]

Keeping our celebration of 10 years going, we’d like to introduce John F. His lead trainer, Annie, says that John is one of the sweetest guys she’s ever met. “He was always a hard worker, and his up-for-anything attitude proved his dedication to his recovery.   John’s 2016 was shaping up to be a fantastic year. […]

July 2021 newsletter

Jul 19, 2021

In honor of Independence Day, CORE will be closed Saturday, July 3rd, and Monday, July 5th.  10 Years of Moving Beyond Paralysis  On August 11th we’ll be celebrating CORE’s 10 year anniversary, and of course we plan on going all out with Spirit Week! Be on the lookout for this year’s themes for dress up days, […]

June 2021 Newsletter

Jun 21, 2021

Summer Sit Up Challenge This June we are amping up the competitiveness between trainers and clients with our Summer Sit Up Challenge!  The official rules are:1.) Sit ups MUST be completed at CORE. They can be done before, during or after client workouts.2.) After completing your sit ups for the day, record your number of reps on […]

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