CORE’s Activity-Based Training (ABT) program provides clients with neurological conditions a high energy, goal crushing workout. Combining exercise science concepts with motor-patterned activity, the program takes a full-body approach to strengthen the mind, body, and soul.

CORE has created an innovative approach supported by ground-breaking research to accelerate exercise and recovery goals.

Going beyond traditional therapy, the main components of Activity-Based Training encompass getting the individual out of their wheelchair or removing the assistive device to maximize muscle and neural return through moving the body the way it is made to move. Designed to optimize lifelong wellness, independence, and recovery potential, the program incorporates the principles of weight bearing activities, functional electrical stimulation, core strengthening, locomotor training, and massed practice to individualize each client program.

With specialized fitness equipment lining the walls, a passionate training team ready to push clients further than ever before, and the music turned up to energize the entire gym, this Activity-Based Training program will improve clients’ physical and mental strength while optimizing recovery and decreasing secondary complications that typically occur among individuals living with neurological conditions.

Make the choice to begin Activity-Based Training today and join us in Moving Beyond Paralysis!

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