Every September is designated as Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month, which has undoubtedly done a lot for the education of the general public on matters related to these life changing injuries and how to prevent them. CORE applauds every single organization, individual, and caregiver/family for their efforts in this public service. Lives have certainly been impacted and some have hopefully been saved from injuries through this annual campaign. 


Our own thoughts when discussing SCI Awareness Month this year were more in line with the spirit of CORE and focused on the impressive goals our clients have reached this year outside of our facility. A lot of the education efforts tend to be focused on what this population CAN’T do and, while this aspect is critical for awareness, we also wanted to highlight what you CAN do.


Just a few CORE SCI Client Achievements in 2022:


  • Dalkin received his driver’s license and independently drives and transfers; He also competes in numerous adaptive fitness competitions around the state and southeast
  • Cory swam in her pool at home for the first time
  • Parker graduated with his doctorate and got a full time job as a bridge engineer, fulfilling a lifelong dream
  • Bridger received his Real Estate license and started a new career
  • Will got his driver’s license and a full time job
  • Melissa W. is completing her Master’s degree continues to travel to public speaking engagements
  • Elena won a deep sea fishing contest and is pushing herself with new extracurriculars, like acro!
  • Ludovic got his driver’s license and returned to college
  • Kirk is getting a new truck, aced his first internship position, and started his Master’s degree
  • Kendall scored her first role in a theater play that debuts next month
  • Dafaney returned to campus for her senior year of high school and is staying involved in the cattle community
  • Jacen started his child modeling career and was featured in a commercial
  • Dana traveled the furthest she has been since her injury, flew in a helicopter and snorkled in a volcano crater to celebrate her 20 year anniversary with her significant other
  • Sawyer returned to his career and traveled with family
  • Melissa V. welcomed a new grandchild and has helped implement a local Women’s SCI Support Group, as well as grow the GoSCIN
  • Nate helped his mom open a family business and assists with CORE FIT
  • Rosie traveled out of the country for the first time
  • Michelle returned to her ABT training after battling through a tough year
  • Megan secured a prestigious internship and travels regularly with friends
  • Brooke graduated high school and moved into her freshman dorm at college to live independently
  • Ramon began the process to start driving and plans to return to work
  • Casey has taken on the volleyball mom life and supports her young family in their endeavors
  • Lisa traveled to Chicago with a friend to visit family
  • Siobahn welcomed a new nephew and traveled to NY to see him and she also recently got behind the wheel for the first time
  • Caden started high school and attends full days on campus
  • Hugo got in the pool for the first time since his injury
  • Jordan moved into his accessible wing of the house and is gaining more living independence
  • Sarah has been training to use an exoskeleton and has traveled to concerts and veteran’s organizations events all over the country
  • Keith moved back to his home state after completing an extensive Intensive Program
  • And, so many more that we aren’t even mentioning!


CORE clients prove time and again that by taking care of their bodies post-injury using preventative tools like nutrition and Activity Based Training, they are able to achieve important life milestones and change perceptions daily about what living with an SCI can mean. This is the type of awareness we love to share! Turn your can’t into cans and keep changing the world! 

jason grinning
Dalkin holding barbell
Parker with family holding diploma
Brooke at college
Elena doing acro
Dana in Hawaii

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