AllCore 360° Launches at CORE

CORE clients received a boost to their programs when the AllCore 360° was delivered in February. This revolutionary piece of equipment leverages the force of gravity to train all of the core muscles in a no impact, balanced, and coordinated fashion. Using isometric contractions to resist gravity, riders engage and train over 50 internal core muscles while performing a 360° plank. This no impact piece of equipment is an effective 10 minute workout, equivalent to one hour of regular core strength training.


So far CORE clients have A LOT to say about their rides:


“I have been pleasantly surprised how efficient and effective the AllCore 360° has been at helping me develop areas of my core that I have struggled with. It has been a good bolt on to the other activities I do and it only takes ten minutes of my day.” -Barry, Parkinson’s Disease


“I feel like the AllCore 360° helps wake up my core and hips so that I can engage during other load bearing activities in the gym. I like using it as a warm up to my gym sessions.” – Kendall, Pediatric Spinal Cord Stroke (T7-12)


“As a quadriplegic, challenging my core in an effective way is super important for assisting with everything from breathing to transfers and I can already see a difference after only three weeks on the AllCore 360°. I love when I finally conquer a degree and can go lower because it is evidence of progress.” -Dana, SCI (C6 incomplete)


The AllCore 360° is now available to YOU via our Supplemental Services Program. Call us at 407-951-8936 for more information or to trial the device.

All core 360 pricing chart

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