Are you interested in group fitness classes, but having trouble finding one that works for you? Adaptive fitness classes may be just the thing you are looking for! Adaptive fitness offers high-intensity workouts that are coach-led and can be done entirely from a wheelchair or while using another assistive device.

Not only are adaptive fitness classes accessible, but the smaller class sizes, specifically in a CORE Fit class, allow for more attention from your coach. This means there is someone right there making sure you have proper form and that you are getting the most out of each and every movement. Workouts are centered around cardiovascular and strength training, helping participants reach their recommended weekly exercise, while working toward their recovery goals. The VitaGlide, rowers, and jump ropes are just a few examples of adaptive equipment used during a CORE Fit class. Our coaches do a great job at modifying equipment and creating adaptive exercises so no one misses out on a single activity regardless of their ability. 

Exercise isn’t the sole benefit of adaptive fitness classes, especially here at CORE! The regular group of CORE Fit attendees, known as the Fitters, has formed their own supportive community amongst themselves, offering help and advice to each other from a first-hand perspective. The Fitters even compete together in local adaptive events, like the Southern Sprints adaptive rowing competition and the Ability Games, often bringing home the gold.

Dalkin, one of the most dedicated Fitters, began his journey at CORE particularly because of Fit classes. He was on the hunt for a group class that suited his needs when he came across CORE Fit. “I was always an active person before my injury and I was looking for a way to get active and stay active again,” says Dalkin. “Different exercises, class availability, and all of the cardio are great things about Fit,” he says. “We do a lot of cardio and that helps build stamina, which helps me work more toward my independence outside of the gym.” 

Dalkin is a social butterfly, so becoming part of an open-minded and compassionate group of individuals was an added bonus to signing up for Fit. On top of being a sociable crowd, the Fitters tend to be extremely competitive. Throughout the year, Fitters will compete for the top spot at in-house fitness events. Dalkin expressed that everyone’s competitive nature helps to keep them all motivated and push themselves, and bring them together in a little friendly competition. Through all the fun and games, the Fitters have made great strides toward their health and fitness goals in a positive, upbeat, adaptive environment.

If you’re looking to get more out of group exercise, give CORE Fit a try. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose since your first class is free! If you have questions about adaptive fitness classes contact us today.

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