Trail Training at CORE

Jul 17, 2020

Did you know that CORE now offers Trail Training? Wait, what is Trail Training, you ask? Trail Training is a one hour hand cycling session on the Cross Seminole Trail, right outside of our building. If you’ve been curious about what using an adaptive handcycle entails, CORE is the perfect place to give it a try! The trail offers a shaded path and smooth sidewalks for a comfortable ride.

We wanted to give you some first person insight on what hand cycling is like, so we caught up with Kenny, a CORE Fit athlete and avid hand cyclist. Kenny often makes his trek to CORE Fit classes on his Freedom Ryder handcycle. “The best place to ride,” he says, “is definitely the Cross Seminole Trail.” There’s a ten mile stretch from Big Tree Park to Oviedo that he frequents. This area is well-shaded, completely paved, has two fly-overs, and very few intersections. 

We asked Kenny to share some tips for beginner cyclists. His advice is to always have a riding buddy. Find someone who is supportive, patient, and willing to work with you through the long learning period. It can take some time to learn hand cycling, from transferring to figuring out the set up that is best for you, so patience is key. “It can be frustrating in the beginning, but pushing through is worth the independence you gain.”

If you are ready to give hand cycling a try, talk to your trainer about Trail Training. One of our trainers or assistants will get you set up on one of our handcycles and hit the trail with you!

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