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Spirit Week 2021 Recap

Thank you to everyone for making the last 10 years so special! We’ve seen so many great things since we opened in 2011, and look forward to seeing even more progress and growth in the next 10 years! Spirit Week was spectacular, and you all did not disappoint when it came to dress up days! The turn out for CORE Night was amazing too, and it was great catching up with everyone.

This year’s costume contest winners were:

Maui Monday: Matt I.

Tie Dye Tuesday: Dana

COREtastic Day: Dylan

Hoedown Throwdown Thursday: Siobhan

Fandom Friday: Brooke

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Trainer Payback Appreciation

Not only was Spirit Week a success, but so was Trainer Payback. Our goal for 2021 was to raise $1000 for the CORE Foundation while embarrassing your favorite trainers. Thank you to everyone that donated and helped us go ABOVE AND BEYOND our goal by raising a grand total of $1180!

SCI Awareness Month

September was designated National Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness Month by the US Senate in an effort to raise awareness about the prevalence of spinal cord injuries in the United States, as well as to highlight the achievements of people with SCI. Typically, people do not know much about SCI until it affects them in a personal way. The occurrence of an SCI is not as rare as you may think. In the US, someone is paralyzed from a spinal cord injury every 48 minutes. Currently, about 273,000 people in the US have SCI, and there are millions more worldwide. 

CORE is proud to be one of the leading Activity Based Training facilities in the country and we will be honoring this special awareness month by sharing SCI specific information on all of our social media platforms, including our new TikTok! Follow us there @coreflorida to get a fun look inside CORE!

CORE is excited to announce our first ever SCI Awareness shirt will launch on our new CORE Merch site (which you can read more about below)! Order yours today and wear green to support SCI Awareness Month!

September Scheduling

September is here and the schedule has filled up fast. With that said, if you have any days you

know you won’t be available for appointments

please stop the front desk and let them know so that we can accommodate appointments from our waitlist. We appreciate it!

CORE Online Shop

Have you been looking for a CORE shirt, but we just never seem to have your size? You are in luck! The new CORE online shop is open on September 1st. Click the link below to check out the latest CORE merch.

Welcome Fall Interns

A new school semester brings new faces to the gym! Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself to the Fall 2021 Intern Class.

Welcome to the CORE Team

We all know Mark from his days as a summer intern, but now we would like to officially welcome him to the CORE team as the newest Exercise Assistant.

We’d also like to welcome Courtney as our newest Neuro-Exercise Specialist!

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Text and Email Reminders

CORE is always trying to improve, so we’ve switched our scheduling system. You may have noticed that reminder texts and emails look a little different, along with some other minor changes. If you have any questions, let us know. 

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