With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, the CORE Team would like to pivot and focus on the mental health aspect of life after a paralysis diagnosis. Earlier this month, Brittney Kelley of Tribe Kelley, interviewed CORE Client Melissa for “The Journey Within,” an eight episode YouTube series focused on conversations around mental health. 


“In this emotional episode, learn how Melissa was paralyzed and the life changing experience she has gone through and how she is now using her story to better other people’s lives. This episode is a very powerful one and we are so thankful Melissa shared her story with us,” said Kelley.


Interviewed and filmed at CORE, Melissa shows her most vulnerable side and the CORE Team could not be prouder of her transparency, her commitment to remaining positive, and her dedication to helping others realize their potential. To learn more about Tribe Kelley, visit https://www.tribekelley.com/


For immediate support, call the free suicide help line at 800-273-8255 or for more mental health resources, visit lovetopivot.com or download the Better Help App or HearMe App. 

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