CORE and Zebrafish

Jan 18, 2023

CORE and Zebrafish: A Match Made in Recovery Heaven


CORE loves making new friends in the neurorecovery world and we can’t wait for you to meet our newest friends at Zebrafish Neuro. Created by the dynamic duo, Stephanie (trainer) and Theo (SCI client/athlete), Zebrafish Neuro has set out to explore how to further the recovery process by giving the athlete more ownership over their recovery. They traveled, learned, practiced and then wrote a book, From the Ground Up: A Human-powered Framework for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. 


“Drawing from movement disciplines not usually associated with paralysis recovery, From the Ground Up applies the anatomical science of full-body integration and the innate capacity of the brain to rewire itself to the challenge of neurological reconnection. With fully-illustrated exercise descriptions, this clinical perspective is written both for those recovering from spinal cord injury and for their movement trainers,” states Zebrafish author Stephanie Comella. 


Through the power of social media, CORE and Zebrafish connected on many levels and our overall mission to promote recovery after paralysis. They have gone out of their way to create a network of professionals who also have the same vision and CORE is proud to be a part of this. As many of our visiting Intensive Program clients know, CORE regularly advises clients on how to adapt elements of our program to be done at home to further their goal timelines. 

To learn more about Zebrafish Neuro check out their website ( or please feel free to reach out to the CORE Team to learn ways to add “homework” to your CORE Program!

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