Parenting, in general, can lead to an abundance of questions. Parenting a child with a spinal cord injury or other neurological condition can lead to even more questions. One such question that may be on the mind of any parent is “What is the best thing I can do for my child?” In the case of children growing up with paralysis, experts agree that they require early, intensive rehabilitation to promote recovery and independence.

CORE’s pediatric activity-based training program offers experienced clinicians, pediatric equipment, and much more to help children develop fundamental skills and movements as they continue to grow. Just like training programs for adults, pediatric activity-based training sessions are individualized to meet the needs of the child being trained. Not only does this mean using the most beneficial equipment and exercises, but also doing whatever it takes to keep these kiddos engaged and working hard. This can include anything from games, to candy bribes, to encouraging some friendly competition.

Jamie’s son Jace is one of many pediatric clients that visit from out of state for intensive training at CORE. We asked Jamie a few questions to get a parent’s perspective on activity-based training for their child. “I heard about CORE through a friend of a friend in a spinal cord injury Facebook group. After looking into it, I knew we had to try it. I honestly expected it to be a regular therapy facility, but it definitely was so much more than I anticipated.” 

Jace does physical therapy two to three times a week at home, and has gone for one to two week long stays at well-known facilities across the country. “I see mostly maintenance and minimal progress through our previous therapy facilities,” Jamie said when asked about the differences she’s seen between CORE and other facilities. “At CORE, the training regimen is intensive, organized, and adaptive. The amount of thought and differentiation that goes into each training program really shows in the progress my son has made. His sessions here focus heavily on making his muscles stronger and progressing further, rather than using braces and staying stagnant. CORE also has such a comfortable, encouraging atmosphere that my toddler loves walking in everyday and seeing the faces of the trainers he has quickly grown to love.”

Jace told his mom that his favorite part of coming to visit CORE is the RT600, but that’s just because he gets to play his video games while he’s on it. “He has fallen in love with all of his trainers. They have discovered his competitiveness and encourage it to help him progress. He loves the pool. He loves scaring Mrs. Malerie. He loves earning treats. There really isn’t anything he doesn’t like. If there is something he doesn’t like at first, his trainers always find a way to make it fun!”

Jamie left us with some valuable advice for parents of children in situations similar to her own, “Just give it a try. Never settle for anything!”

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