Welcome Back!

It was a long two months out of the gym, but we are so ecstatic to see all of you back to your hard work! Being in the gym for only half of a month didn’t mean that any of you were going to leave the Success Wall half full. Everyone has pushed through this pandemic and is coming back strong. We can’t wait to see what else you bring to your training sessions next month!


Happy Anniversary Bianca

Bianca has been a member of the CORE team for 4 years! Thank you for all of your hard work!

COVID-19 Safety Protocol Update

It has definitely been different getting used to this new normal we are all faced with. As time goes on, and with updates from the state of Florida, we will be updating our safety protocol as necessary. Starting in June, masks will not be required for clients, but are still highly recommended. The CORE team will still be required to wear masks for your safety. Also in June, our Saturday hours will be back and all screenings will take place in the lobby. Screening procedures will remain the same and clients will still be limited to one caregiver or family member in the gym with them. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to practice safe operations!

New Interns

Welcome New Interns 

The summer interns are here, so be sure to say hello and introduce yourself as you see these new faces around!

CORE Aqua Program Announcement

Not only does aquatic exercise benefit individuals with neurological conditions, it may also be utilized to address over twenty-five other health conditions, including chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, and even stress! The unique properties of water provide assistance and resistance in ways that land exercise cannot. For example, buoyancy decreases the force of gravity on the body, meaning that the pool is a low-impact environment to help you ease into exercise, especially post-quarantine. Hydrostatic pressure can help increase respiratory muscle strength, which is essential for compromised individuals. Water immersion can help decrease pain which may have worsened as a result of inactivity. And overall, water exercise helps to strengthen the heart muscles, increase endurance, decrease cholesterol levels, and even promote weight loss. So whether you are a CORE client, a Rock Steady boxer, or a caregiver trying to find time to exercise, consider adding aqua training to your current workout routine!

With that being said, CORE is excited to announce the RE-OPENING of our pool and aquatic services starting TODAY, June 1, 2020!! As a “Welcome Back” special, we are giving away a FREE CORE RASHGUARD to anyone who purchases a three session package during the week of June 8th – 12th (sizes limited).

As we work to maintain the health and safety of clients, caregivers, and staff, the following policies are in place regarding CORE’s Aqua Program. Please note that according to the CDC, there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in pools or hot tubs.
Staff members will be wearing face shields. For safety reasons, it is not recommended that clients wear face coverings during aqua sessions. Our water chemistry will be monitored more frequently to ensure that our pool is doing its job to prevent the spread of illness.

We hope to see you on the schedule soon!
It’s a little hard to believe that we are already half way through 2020. Your trainers will be working on reassessments for your 6 month updates throughout the next few weeks. Be on the lookout for your completed report toward the end of the month.


The CORE website now has a News page! Check it out for the latest updates and information at CORE.

Upcoming Events
  • July 4th: Independence Day, CORE Closed

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