“Almost any treatment to restore function after paralysis will require a physical component to rebuild muscle, build bone density and reactivite patterns of movement. Some form of rehab will be needed after function comes back. Moreover, it appears that activity itself can affect recovery: In 2002, Christopher Reeve showed that he had regained limited function and sensation after many years of paralysis. His doctor credits his use of functional electrical stimulation, which may have kickstarted the repair process…”

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation


Functional electrical stimulation (FES), by definition, uses controlled pulses of electrical current to stimulate physical or bodily functions lost through nervous system impairment. FES is applied to peripheral nerves that activate and contract specific muscles or muscle groups to evoke purposeful, patterned movement. FES simulates the physical activity a person without a neurological disorder normally experiences during an average day. CORE Clients with a range of neurological conditions use functional electrical stimulation (FES), including vent dependent quadriplegics. Studies have shown multiple benefits, although they vary from user to user, such as:

  • Reversal of Muscle Atrophy
  • Increased Circulation
  • Maintained or Increased Range of Motion
  • Reduced Spasticity
  • Reduced Incidence of UTI’s
  • Reduced Risk of Pressure Sores
  • Prevention of Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Management

CORE provides the Greater Orlando area with the latest in functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology, developed by Dr. John McDonald, the physician credited with Christopher Reeve’s unprecedented delayed recovery. In addition to the RT 300 Leg and Arm Cycle, CORE is the only facility in Florida that is home to the RT600 Step and Stand. The RT600 is the first system to combine gait training, with weight bearing exercise and functional electrical stimulation (FES) and evokes a movement similar to an elliptical machine.

The RT300 Leg Cycle

RT200 Elliptical

The RT600 Step and Stand

The systems at CORE are designed to give our staff the flexibility to select any 10 muscle groups
from one or both sides of the body, including core muscles.
Our staff routinely incorporates functional electrical stimulation (FES)in unique ways during workouts
to perform muscle testing to assist clients with squats, leg presses,standing and core strengthening.
CORE Clients are emailed weekly session reports from Restorative Therapies to track their progress.
sample report fes
In addition, CORE remotely provides assistance to our clients who have a RT300in their homes with
settings, monitoring progress and with any additional questions they may have.
Call 321-418-3050 for more information
about CORE’s Functional Electrical Stimulation Program.

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