How is the CORE program different?
CORE is for individuals affected by paralysis who have gone through traditional physical rehabilitation and still desire greater recovery after a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or any related neurolgical disorder diagnosis. We believe traditional physical rehabilitation, though important, is often focused on skills designed to teach you how to live your life from a wheelchair. At CORE, we focus on discovering your full recovery potential. We believe in activity based training methods to achieve success after a spinal cord injury. We study all emerging programs, combine this with what we know from our own work within the field, and assess the latest scientific research to provide a uniquely comprehensive program designed to bring the best of what is occurring in the neurorecovery field to CORE. By not limiting ourselves to any one particular method, we can continue to grow and adapt the CORE program to provide the latest innovative spinal cord injury treatments available across an array of modalities.
Do you guarantee I am going to recover?

CORE cannot guarantee you will walk. However, research has shown that activity based exercise programs are beneficial to persons with neurological disorders, such as a spinal cord injury. CORE does guarantee to immerse ourselves in the latest research to bring our clients the best neurorecovery treatment options available.

We would also like to acknowledge that “recovery” is very personal. Clients come to us with many different goals. Recovery may mean a quadriplegic gaining enough upper body strength to be able to get dressed independently, or developing enough core balance to safely transfer into a car. We are driven by your personal recovery goals, no matter how high you set them. As goals are met and challenges are overcome, we will work with you to set new ones and strive for more.

How much of my time should I dedicate to my recovery?
This is dependent on the needs of the individual. While CORE loves a dedicated client, we would never want you to give up on your overall life goals. Our greatest achievements are with people, who through the CORE program, have become strong, energized and motivated to pursue college, careers and hobbies that give them a sense of pride and fulfillment. We will work with your schedule to allow you to fight for your recovery while leading a full and rewarding lifestyle.
When should I start the CORE program?
There are benefits to going through the traditional rehabilitation model immediately post injury to learn the necessary activity of daily living skills. However, CORE does encourage newly injured to seek a post-rehabilitation program to begin the long recovery journey as soon as possible. We want to stimulate the nervous system before injured clients “forget” how to send messages from their brains to their bodies. We want to prevent unnecessary muscle atrophy. And, we have seen how the active, aggressive CORE program has buoyed newly injured individuals’ spirits in the difficult first year post-injury. However, some of our clients have come to us many years post-injury and have been extremely successful with the program. If you would like to speak to one of these clients personally about the benefits they have experienced through the CORE program, we can set this up.
Who do you accept at CORE?
We primarily work with individuals with spinal cord injuries. However, we also accept persons with:
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Stroke
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
The only requirements are:
Does insurance cover the cost of the program?
Private insurance does not typically cover the cost of the CORE program. Many of our clients fundraise individually and have had success using resources such as Help, Hope, Live (formerly NTAF). We also offer Sponsor-A-Client opportunities on our website to allow people to easily donate directly to a client’s personal account to help fund their therapy.
Also, the CORE Foundation is also in place to provide scholarships to clients who are unable to afford the cost of therapy. However, need far outweighs available funds at this time, and we cannot grant scholarships to everyone.
If I'm from out of town, where do I stay while I'm a client at CORE?
Please see the Accomodations page on our website for more information.

Why choose CORE?