CORE is excited to be the only activity based exercise facility in Central Florida to offer ReWalk training for persons with spinal cord injuries or other neurological conditions that prevent independent ambulation. The ReWalk is a motorized exoskeleton suit that allows paralyzed clients to independently engage in ambulatory activities, including standing, walking and in some cases climbing stairs.

The ReWalk consists of a lightweight, wearable suit with motorized joints, rechargeable batteries, an array of sensors and a computer-based control system. Worn around the legs, chest and back, it fits closely to the body on top of everyday clothing. Client stability during ambulation is provided by concurrent use of crutches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ReWalk work?

ReWalk has intricate motion sensors that measure the client’s upper body movements and shifts in gravity. These signals are processed by an onboard computer system that initiates and maintains walking in the desired direction at the appropriate speed.

What are the proposed benefits of ReWalk?

By keeping clients upright on a daily basis and exercising paralyzed limbs, ReWalk may alleviate many of the secondary health conditions associated with long-term immobility.

Health Benefits of ReWalk Currently Being Evaluated:

  • Effects on bone density
  • Decrease in body fat percentage
  • Improvements in cardiovascular function
  • Improved bowel/bladder function
  • Improved sitting posture
  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased spasticity

Who is the ReWalk suitable for?

In its current configuration and functionality, the ReWalk is suitable for lower-limb mobility impaired adults who have functioning hands, arms and shoulders, as well as the ability to stand (healthy skeleton and cardiovascular system). It is most often used by clients who have a spinal cord injury, but has also been shown to be effective for clients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and brain injury.

If you are interested in the ReWalk Training Program at CORE, please call us at 407- 951-8936 to set up an evaluation to assess your upper limb use and degree of tone and spasticity. For more information on ReWalk Exoskeleton technology, please visit

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