Feb 3, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! So a great gentleman our staff used to work with began a tradition of sending ‘Happy Friday’ video clips to all of his friends on the oh so awaited Friday. These clips were taken while he was still in bed, driving to work, singing, and the list goes on and on. Since […]

Come get your chair washed at CORE….but, only if you’re doing FES! Today, Eric was on the RT300 Legs and I noticed his ride definitely needed to be cleaned! He said he was just going to spray it down when he got home, but then Eddie came around the corner with our equipment cleaning wipes […]

Last weekend the CORE training staff participated in the CPR/First Aid Certification program provided by American Red Cross. We always promote a safe environment and take every precaution to be ready in case of an emergency! Well…..little did we know that we’d actually be performing REAL LIFE First Aid that day! One of the participants […]

Things are really coming together at the new facility, which is a good thing since our Grand Opening is just around the corner! One of the fun projects we have under construction is the “Success Wall” in the family lounge. It is where we are going to showcase our clients and a little of their […]

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