Activity Based Training (ABT) is a full-body approach to exercise and recovery for individuals with neurological conditions.


The Components of Activity Based Training

  1. Weight Bearing Activities
  2. Core Strength
  3. Functional Electrical Stimulation
  4. Locomotor/Gait Training
  5. Functional Movements
  6. Massed Practice


  1. Weight Bearing Activities:

  • Sitting with or without arm support
  • Standing (assisted or braced)
  • Quadruped (arms and legs engaged) & Tall Kneeling


  1. Core Strength

  • Focuses on strengthening stabilizing muscles, specifically abdominal and back muscles
  • Important to first achieve core stability to prevent injury during static and dynamic movements
  • Crucial part of any exercise regimen


  1. Functional Electrical Stimulation

  • RT300 Legs & Arms
  • RT200 Seated Elliptical
  • RT600 Step and Stand
  • Applying electrical stimulation with specific movements such as bicep curls, squats, hamstring curls, hip flexion exercises, sit ups, back extensions, and more.



  1. Locomotor Training

  • Locomotor Training is delivered through three training components:
    • Step Training
    • Overground Walking Training
    • Community Ambulation Training
  • Step Training utilizes body weight support on a treadmill (BWST), in which a client is suspended in a harness over a treadmill while our specially trained Neuro Exercise Specialists and Assistants move his or her legs to simulate walking at a normal pace. The idea behind step training is to help the nervous system relearn motor patterns associated with walking.

During Step Training, sensory information from the legs and trunk are repetitively sent to the spinal cord. The sensory input comes from the actual stepping, from the manual contact of the trainer on the clients and from the contact of the sole of the foot on the ground. The Trainer ensures that the client is building their motor skills through standing and walking.

  • Body weight supported (LiteGait, AlterG)
  • Overground Training (Mobility Device, LiteGait)
  • Spin Bike
  • Aquatic Therapy



  1. Functional Movements

  • Walking, rolling, lying position to sitting up, standing up from a sitting position. Focus on independence for outside of the gym.



  1. Massed Practice

Staying focused on a goal with high repetitions and minimal rest between active sessions.

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